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you rock and are the best sherry!!!! thanks for all the help!
by Steve
I have used this site lots of times and I have to admit I had my doubts at the start but I tried and I can't believe the service that they give, they are a credit to Runescape players! Well done!
by Mickey
you were an awesome help thanks you guys were fast and very responsive!
by Jacob
Fast delivery, recommended! Quick, 5 star service. One of the better websites to cater for your Runescape needs.
by Darwin
lynn was very helpful helped me with everything i need help with, she is a very good worker. she should deffently get a promotion
by Alex
these guys are awsome as soon as i paid i was trying to contact live chat to get my gp and before i got to type in my questin to live chat they were already mesg me in game best service ever 10 stars
by Stanley
Lynn is very kind and very helpful. Had no problems with vgold ive used the several times before for large amounts of gold. Will be back for sur
by Micheal
i ordered 300m+30m free, took a day to arrive but i dont care, awesome site, will definitely buy again!
by Jackson
this site is legit but it took 5 hours to get my 100m, happy i got it
by Denny
you were an awesome help thanks you guys were fast and very responsive!
by Alexander
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